120 years

Gabriel Guevrekian


Table of Contents

The Multiple Lives of Gabriel Guevrekian

1. Armenian Émigré
2. Academy Fellow
3. Family Man
4. Iranian Socialite

Tribute to a Radical
Gabriel Guevrekian, interviewed by David Hanser

5. Parisian Radical

Hotels & Sanatoria
Gabriel Guevrekian

On Modern Art
Gabriel Guevrekian, interviewed by P. L.

6. Persian Garden Designer

A Geometrical Garden on the Riviera
Leopold Zahn and Gabriel Guevrekian

7. Fashion Lover

A Villa in Neuilly
Gabriel Guevrekian

8. Obscured Pioneer

Living Architecture
Marcel Zahar

9. Austrian Interior Designer

Storefront Signage
Louis Chéronnet

10. UAM Ambassador
11. Active Publisher
12. Secretary General

A Useful Initiative
Gabriel Guevrekian

On CIAM, Le Corbusier, and Loos
Gabriel Guevrekian, interviewed by Martin Steinmann

13. Viennese Modernist
14. Tehran City Architect
15. The Anarchist-Partisan, His Wife, and Her Brother
16. French Military Urbanist
17. Nomadic Avant-Garde
18. American Professor

Architectural Pedagogy and Working Conditions for Young People in the United States
Gabriel Guevrekian

Guevrekian Always Ahead, Times Had to Catch Up
Gabriel Guevrekian, interviewed by Joann Watson

19. Eminent Master

Memorial to Gabriel Guevrekian (1900–1970)
Walter M. Johnson, Michael J. Plautz, and Alan K. Laing

Yours sincerely, Gab. Guevrekian
David Hanser, in correspondence with the author

20. Postcard Collector


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